How to use Swagger



Swagger Hair Stunner Wax-Matt & Hard

With its strong setting and holding power, the Swager Matte Wax is great for short hair, strong straight hair, and down side hair.
In addition, it is suitable for two-block and Swallow Firm styles, and it is a product with excellent cleaning power that is lightly washed with only water.


Swager Hair Stirner Wax-Creamy & Soft

Seuwegeo hair seuteoneo wax creamy and soft type is just like the lotion can be a long hair in a kind of god who styling easy for anyone to hand a soft spreadability, use in parting director hairstyles such as pump, Shadow firm’s long length from the media Suitable for.


Swagger Hair Slammer Pomade

Swagger Hair Slammer Pomade, which is optimized for Asian hair, is a charming Swagger shot color fragrance fragrance pomade. It is a product that considers the health of the scalp and hair by excluding harmful ingredients and using natural ingredients.


Swagger Hair Setter Spray

The powerful fixation swagger hair setter spray is a water mist type hair spray that can be used for stickiness and no lumping. In addition, it is possible to produce a detailed expression with partial spraying, and it is a product that does not generate white powder.


Swagger Hair Thriller Menthol Shampoo

Swagger Hair Thriller Menthol Shampoo, which contains 1.5% of menthol and feels exhilarating coolness and refreshing feeling on the scalp, contains salicylic acid and niacinamide, which are the scalp care ingredients, to improve and protect seborrheic scalp, and silicone-free for scalp cleaning to be more stable. It is a prescription daily shampoo.


Swager Ceramic Carbon Comb

The Swager Carbon Comb is a salon-grade comb made of reinforced ceramic carbon that prevents deformation at high temperatures and prevents static electricity. It is 12.5g light and easy to carry, and you can use it with your favorite style with two spaced combs.