How to use Swagger



Swagger Men’s All-in-One Lotion Face Optimizer

The swerger all-in-one lotion face optimizer that solves toner, essence, and lotion at once keeps the skin’s flexibility and moisture with hyaluronic acid , and completes the fresh start of the day with quick absorption and non-sticky feeling.


Sweger Men’s Moisturizing Cream Face Charger

A non-sticky, refreshing gel-type swagger moisture cream face charger forms a skin barrier immediately after application, blocks moisture loss, and increases skin moisture after use to maintain moist skin.


Swager Cleansing Foam Face Fighter

The Swager Cleansing Foam Face Fighter contains jojoba-based oil beads for gentle cleansing, and the apricot seed scrubs perfectly remove dead skin cells and wastes between skin textures . A moisturizing membrane that wraps around the skin enhances skin elasticity and allows you to feel fresh and moisturized skin even after washing.


Swager Smart Pad Face Booster

The Swager Smart Pad Face Booster is an essence cleansing pad that saves valuable time for busy men. If you take out one sheet of morning and evening with a pad moistened with essence, wipe your face with an embossed cotton and arrange it on the back, it gives a refreshing moisturizing effect to those who have a lot of oily lotion and helps relieve trouble.


Swager Men’s BB Cream Face Terminator

weger Men’s BB Cream Terminator is a true BB cream for men that provides natural skin tone correction, whitening, and wrinkle improvement and UV protection (SPF50 + / PA +++) at once.


Swager Eyebrow Maker

The swager eyebrow maker that naturally fills thin and empty eyebrows is easy to use with a convenient powder tip, and the natural black color makes it look natural as if it were a handsome eyebrow.