How to Use Nose pore strips for Men

Nose pore strips is a skin care products for men that helps you to remove the blackheads from your nose, chin and forehead. Pore strips usually remove the top layer of the blackheads and dead skin by using a powerful adhesive. It’s like a band-aid which most of us experience when we pull it out it, tends to pull out the hairs. Generally, Nose pore strip works on their own, but one can add extra things to it to boost their effectiveness. If you follow the directions to use the pore strips precisely, then you get the perfect result from it.

Here we will discuss the steps to use the nose strips so that it gives the best result. We will also see what you can add to the pore strips to make it more effective. However, we recommend using a pore strip which contains natural ingredients like Swagger. It contains organic ingredients like Charcoal powder and Tea tree leaf extracts which is hugely beneficial to remove the blackheads, absorbs impurities, and reduces pores and soothing skin.

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Step1: Preparing the pores

Prepare your pores by following the below methods:

  • Wash your face: You have to wash your face with a regular face wash that you usually use, before applying the face wash. This washing will remove the oil and dirt which got stagnated on your skin. It recommends using a face wash which suits your skin type. Since pores developed due to oily skin, it’s best to use a face wash specially designed for oily skin. Like the Swagger face wash, which is hugely beneficial for oily skin.

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  • Use hot water: You can put the stopper on your sink and pour boiling water in it so that it can give out the steam. Alternatively, you can boil the water on the stovetop and make sure it is producing the steam.
  • Use steam for 20 minutes: Using hot water steam will help loosen the Sebum which locate inside the skin and which is also responsible for building the inside pores on your skin. Place your face over the steam so that your skin can feel it.

Step2: Applying Pore strips

  • Wet your face: If you have to use the steam correctly, then there will be moisture on your face, and if it is not moist, then the pore strips will not stick to your skin. So, splash some water on your nose, forehead and chin to make it wet.
  • Apply strip: Before using the nose pore strip, please read the instruction to use it so that you get an idea of the top and bottom of the nose strip. Now, apply the strip where you want to remove the pores and flatten it using your fingers. Always remember to wash your hands before using the nose strip and if the strip is big or short, then you can cut it using scissors.
  • Wait for 15 minutes: Allow the strip to dry and wait for 15 minutes as drying the strip will help the strip to bind with the skin effectively. You can use the stopwatch or your phone to check on the time.
  • Peel the strip: Now grab both sides of the strip and start to peel it slowly from top to bottom. Try to peel it at the same time from both the sides for the best result. You will notice that the blackheads are there on the nose strip.

Step3: Adding baking soda

  • Mix baking soda with water: Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water as baking soda is beneficial in scrub your skin. It also helps your face to become less oily, and it will make the nose strip more effective.
  • Soak the pore strip in the baking soda solution: To transfer the baking soda on the strip, put the nose strip in the solution you have prepared and swirl it around so that it absorbs the solution.
  • Apply the solution: Use a cotton ball and dip it in the baking soda solution and apply it to your nose. You can use the plain water, but baking soda solution will be more effective in clearing your pores and blackheads.
  • Apply the nose strip: Now read the instructions carefully on the pore strip and stick the strip on your nose. Use your fingers to flatten the strip.
  • Wait for 15 minutes: Now wait for 15 minutes and let the nose pore strips to be dry and then remove the pore strip from top to bottom. It will remove all your blackheads from your nose.

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