How to Choose Shampoo for Men

There was a time when grooming for men was a difficult task, and it’s very cumbersome to decide on the men products like shampoo. It was due to the several facts like there were not many choices on choosing on male-specific shampoo and 99% of time shampoo explicitly designed for the women. Also, men didn’t give attention to the men’s grooming, and they wonder how a specialized shampoo can affect their hairs.

Now the things are changed, and the majority of men knows how to keep their hairs clean and most of them to have some knowledge of men’s hair products. However, do you know how to select the perfect shampoo which suits your hairs and you get excellent results from it? In this article, we will give critical information while choosing important men’s hair products that is shampoo.

Importance of using shampoo

Most of the men think that the shampoo used for cleaning the hairs and giving it a great smell but in fact, its more mysterious on how does a shampoo works. The shampoo contains few ingredients named surfactants which help in lowering the tension of oil, and due to this, water gets mixed with them and wash them away. On the contrast, if you don’t use the shampoo water will be repelled by the oily dirt, your hairs will still be dirty. 

An excellent example of shampoo is Swagger double kill shower gel which is a 2 in 1 shampoo also used as a shower gel.

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How to Choose Shampoo for Men

It is a fact that all the shampoos give cleansing and aromatic effect to the hairs, but different shampoos give different benefits to different types of hairs. When you buy a shampoo, then choose it according to the kind of hair you have and the hair related problem you are suffering from.

1. Choosing a Shampoo by Hair Type

For choosing the right shampoo look for the hair type you have and accordingly select the shampoo

  • Fine Hairs: Buy a volume shampoo if you hairs are fine as volume shampoo gives a lift to the delicate strands.
  • Thin hairs: A thick shampoo is an ideal shampoo for thin hairs. Thick shampoo generally increases the size of the hairs temporarily, which helps you to disguise the signs on delicate strands. A good thick shampoo could be Swagger double kill shampoo which can use a shower gel also. It has ten times more fragrance than a regular shampoo available in the market, and it made up from 100% natural ingredients like kernel extracts, leaves extracts and albumen extracts.

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  • Curly hairs: One can choose the specific curl-enhancing shampoo for the curly hairs. These specialized shampoos make it easier to shape and style your curly hairs, and also it can reduce the frizz.
  • Frizzy and straight hairs: Use smoothing shampoo for straight and frizzy strands and this type of shampoo leaves your hairs lightweight which in turn absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and thus reducing the frizz.
  • Delicate hairs: If you have delicate hairs then you can go for sulphate free and natural ingredient shampoo as they have mild surfactants which give protection to the hairs if they are prone to break. The natural shampoo does not lather too much as the synthetic ingredients shampoo, but they are highly useful for the delicate hairs. An excellent example of natural shampoo is Swagger all-natural double shampoo which helps to rejuvenate your strands as well as your skin. 

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2. Choosing a Shampoo by Concern

For choosing the right shampoo, look for the hair concern or problem you have and accordingly select the shampoo.

  • Oily Hairs: Choose a clarifying shampoo for oily hairs and scalp as it will cut the extra oil from your hairs and scalp. Some shampoo contains ingredients that regulate oil production in the strands and scalp.
  • Dry hairs: Buy Hydrating or moisturizing shampoo for dry hairs and scalp as these shampoo leaves the hydration for the strands and it also gives the shine to the hairs. The perfect shampoo for dry hairs is from Swagger, which is the first choice of men in Malaysia.

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  • Dandruff hairs: A good men’s hair products shampoo for dandruff hairs could be anti-dandruff or anti-flake shampoo, which gives you a more visible scalp and strands. Men products like shampoo, which contains deer antler extracts kill the yeast that causes dandruff.

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