How to treat combination skin naturally

Men face care plays an essential part when you have combination skin type; hence one requires proper skin care for men plan to overcome this problem. Combination skin means that your skin mixed with two or more types of skin in different areas. Your skin may be dry at some regions of the face, and you could have an oily skin on the T Zone which includes your face, chin, nose and forehead. Combination skin can also be different than this, and it could be possible that you have specific skin issues, at the same time, like breakouts and wrinkles on your face. It can be a very tedious task to take care of combination skin, but it is not impossible. To take responsibility for the combination skin, your need to find skin care products for men that works very efficiently on different skin type, on your face.

Though the market flooded with various skin care products for men here, we will see the different natural products and remedies which can be beneficial for treating combination skin type. Natural remedies or products is the best way to handle the combination skin as it doesn’t have the side effects. Apart from just treating your combination skin, it works on other skin problems like improving your skin tone, removing the blemishes, refreshing your skin, etc. For example, Swagger products have all-natural ingredients, and single product of this brand has multiple benefits like face optimizer cream can be used as a toner, moisturizer and lotion. It is beneficial for all skin type, including the combination skin.

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Natural remedies to treat Combination skin

  1. Take care of skin regularly: An essential solution for treating combination skin is that one should take care of the skin daily. Which means, using the same skin care products for men two times a day and one month.
  • Use face wash to clean your face twice a day.
  • Exfoliate once a week.
  • Use moisturizer twice a day that is once in the morning and once at night.
  • Treat different areas of your face differently: Combination skin has to treated by focussing on two different types of skins. It would be best if you hydrated the dry areas of your face, and randomly you have to reduce the oiliness also. Rather than treating with one skin care for men product, you need to use the different products on different areas of your skin based on the skin type. However, with Swagger cleansing foam face fighter you can use it for any skin type be it combination skin type also. This useful face wash made up from natural ingredients like apricot seed powder, Lime and fig extracts which cleanse dirt and oil from the skin along with providing hydration to it.

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  • Use natural cleanser: If you have combination skin, then use a natural oil-based cleanser like olive oil and coconut oil for dry part of your skin. Similarly, you can go for specific cleanser specially made for oily skin like honey, oat kernel oil, etc. You also have the option of Swagger face cleanser, which specially designed for combination skin and sensitive skin. It doesn’t have fragrance also acts as an excellent cleansing face cleanser.

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  • Use natural exfoliant: After you have clean your face, you can use a natural ingredient scrub to remove the dead skin cells, especially if you have dry skin on some parts of your skin with the dead cells. Exfoliating also opens the clogged pores of the skin, along with preventing the dull-looking skin. You can use the homemade scrub, or you can buy the natural ingredients of skin care for men scrub.
  • Use natural spot treatment cream: For the treatment of the blemish in your T zone oily areas and prevent acne, you can go for the spot treatment cream. An excellent natural spot treatment cream could be of Swagger, which not only treats the spots and to avoid acne but also prevents you from the harmful rays of the sun. This 3 in 1 all-in-one lotion brightens and evens your skin and is exceptionally beneficial for combination skin type. Besides Swagger, you can use other natural products like baking soda, Diluted tea tree oil, Lemon juice and Aloe Vera to treat your spots and skin care for men.

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