How to take care for combination skin

Taking skin care for men for combination skin is a challenging task and creating a skincare routine for men face care is cumbersome. If your face is oily in few areas and dry in others, then you have combination skin. You may find some skin care products for men too hydrating while some remove too much oil making your skin dry. To help you have a normal skin here, we will discuss a few tips about various men products that help create a routine that works.

Before we go further, we would like to recommend you that if you are will use any skin care products for men for combination skin then always go for the products that have natural and organic ingredients in it. For example, Swagger manufactures an excellent natural, and organic skincare products which are very beneficial and a single product of it can use in multiple ways.

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Steps to take care of Combination skin type

So let’s see the various steps and products to treat the combination skin:

Step1: Cleanse Gently

It is best to choose a face cleanser which is specially designed for the combination skin type. Use should use a gentle face cleanser, once in the morning and once at night, to remove excess oil, pollutants and impurities. A good option could be Swagger cleansing foam face fighter which contains excellent cleansing ingredients, and it is magnificient for all skin type even if you have sensitive skin. The key ingredients included in Swagger face cleanser are apricot seed powder, fig extracts and Lime, which is 100% natural and gentle.

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Step2: Use a Toner to Balance

After cleansing, you can use the right brand toner, which will restore the PH level of your skin. Look for the one who can assist you in minimizing oil and hydrate your skin at the same time like Swagger Face optimizer toner. It is specially made for the combination skin type, and it refreshes and smoothens your skin along, removing the excess residue.

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Step3: Moisturize your face

Having a combination skin doesn’t mean that you skip on the moisturizer as all skin types need hydration. You can buy oil-free moisturizer as it will not give you a greasy look to your T Zone. A decent and all-natural moisturizer from Swagger recommends as helps you as it made up for pore refining action.

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STEP 4: Protect With SPF

Sun’s Ultraviolet rays are the number one rival for all the skin type problems whether its Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin or combination skin. Hence, you should always wear a good sunscreen whenever you go outside. One can go for Swagger BB face terminator which SPF 50 is non-greasy and lightweight.

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Combination Skin-Care Tips

Performing the above four steps are the best steps to take care of combination skin regularly; however, to up the ante, you need to perform some below-mentioned tips for skin care for men of combination skin.

Tip1: Ignore soaps

Soaps mostly contain harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes in it, and that’s why they are harmful to the combination skin of vital moisture. Using solvents not only irritates your skin but it also further deteriorates it.

Tip2: Use Blotting paper

Always keep some tissue or blotting paper in your wallet, working desk and your car so that you can address the unwanted oil on your skin. These papers help you to absorb excess oil, making your skin normal immediately.

Tip3: Don’t touch your face

This is very easy to understand but difficult to follow as touching face is a prevalent habit for many of us. Hands usually have lots of germs and oil, which can wreak havoc on skin care for men. Kindly do not rest your head on hands on the desk, rub your eyes and pick any blemish from the face.

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