How to Choose aftershave for Men’s Grooming

Today here, we will discuss an essential Men products named aftershave because it is a final man grooming product in smooth shaving routine and buying a right aftershave will help to maintain skin care for men.

Aftershaves were used in the barbershops, and they used it as an antiseptics to kill the bacteria and also to minimize the transmission of viruses from one person to another, through shaving instruments. Aftershaves also reduced the risk of infection on the customer’s face, and also they smelled good. After a few years, using alcoholic aftershave became the tradition. However, the high content of alcohol in aftershave left the skin very irritated and dry. But in late 1980s men became aware of skincare and men’s grooming thus new types of aftershave products emerged with more beneficial properties.

Types of aftershave

Usually, men’s grooming product that is aftershave comes in three forms, namely Oil or creams, gels and lotions. These forms of aftershaves are skin-friendly, and apart from having antiseptic properties they moisturize, soothe and regenerate the skin after the Shave. Aftershaves generally have a long-lasting effect than any other men products used in shaving. Usually, aftershaves are scented, but some have high alcohol, and some have essential oils and herbal extracts. For example, “Swagger All in one grooming Oil” contains all herbal and organic ingredients, and it can use as 3 in 1 product, namely shaving oil, aftershave and beard essence. 

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Aftershave oil is a real skin care product for men as it contains the least amount of alcohol. However, the best aftershave oil does not contain alcohol, like the aftershave from Swagger, which is alcohol-free and contains all-natural ingredients. It acts as an antiseptic without causing dryness. It also does not dehydrate your skin, and thus it is recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin. It contains natural oils and water which nourishes and hydrate your skin without leaving an oily face.

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Aftershave gels contain a lower amount of alcohol level as compared to the lotion, but unlike after shave oil, they don’t contain essential Oil, to make the skin hydrated. Gels could be very soothing and refreshing, and also they are useful in maintaining a healthy and protecting skin.

Aftershave lotions contain the highest percentage of alcohol, as compared to all other types of aftershaves. It is very similar to the aftershave which barbers used earlier. It is a fact that alcohol use as an antiseptic but aftershave lotions do not recommend because they irritate and dries out the skin. Also, they don’t have any beneficial properties. Moreover, alcohol used in creams tightens the skin pores due to which hairs tends to get trap in them, leading to ingrown Shave. At last, all Aftershave lotions contain synthetic dyes and fragrance.

How to use after Shave

After shaving, pat the aftershave gently on your neck and face by using your hands. Kindly do not just pat on the specific shaving area. Please make sure you do not use aftershave near the eye area.

How to Choose Aftershave

Men products that are aftershave should always nourish, soothe, moisturize the skin. It should also help maintain clean and healthy skin. Thus, we should always look for the natural ingredients aftershave rather than looking for synthetic fragrance aftershave. Like we one can go for Swagger Malaysia aftershave which contains 100% natural products like jojoba oil and tea tree extracts. These ingredients are biodegradable, and it also keeps natural cycles and functions of the body at harmony.

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Apart from Swagger men’s grooming aftershave, you can also look for the aftershaves which contain Shea butter, avocado, coconut, almond, grape seed, etc. as they all have hydrating and healing properties. Always test the aftershave before purchasing it and make sure that it penetrates your skin without leaving your skin oily. Selecting aftershave also depends upon the skin type you have

  • Normal skin: For normal to oily skin always choose Aftershave oil.
  • Dry skin: For dry skin never choose the aftershaves which have alcohol in it as alcohol will leave your skin dry. Natural oils aftershave like jojoba oil and almond oil can be of excellent properties.
  • Sensitive skin: For sensitive skin, always choose unscented aftershave oil like of Swagger. However, if you want to use aroma, then you can select aftershave with natural smells like rose, lavender, orange, etc.

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