How to choose men’s shaving oil

Some of the men may be thinking why you need men’s shaving oil when you can shave dry using other men products like electric or disposable razors. However, if you ask the dermatologist or with any good barber, he will tell you that for a top-class shave you need a good men’s grooming shaving gel.

For perfect grooming for men, a good quality men’s shaving oil is essential because it adds lubrication to your skin so that a razor blade runs smoothly on it while shaving. By the quality, it doesn’t mean that it made up of synthetic products and dyes. Still, it should make from natural and quality ingredients like glycerine, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, etc. For example, one can go for “Swagger all in one grooming oil” which is 3 in 1 and can use for shaving, beard essence and aftershave. It nourishes and hydrates your skin with all-natural ingredients like jojoba oil and Tea tree extracts.

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Importance of shaving oil

Most of the men use soaps and water, and some men use an electric shaver to shave their beard. Though both are fine, your skin is not getting cushioning layer for the close and comfortable shave. It has been found out that soaps usually contain harsh chemicals which dry out the skin. In case of electric shavers, you don’t get a close shave as you get with the men’s shaving oil. Shaving oil, foam or cream gives your better and close shave, and it also leaves your skin stubble, hydrated and nourished.

How to choose men’s shaving oil

There are hundreds of option available for shaving oil, in the market and when you go out to buy your get overwhelmed quickly. Thus when you go to buy the perfect shaving oil, you should have some criteria. Here we will help you to narrow down your option for shaving oil based on the following criteria.

  1. Ingredients: Ingredients used in shaving oil or cream is the most important criteria for buying it. A good quality shaving oil always contains natural ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado, almond, coconut oil, etc. These ingredients always give your skin the required lubrication and protection, along with a close shave. If you have sensitive skin, makes sure that it contains unscented ingredients and shouldn’t contain synthetic colours or elements. For sensitive skin, one can buy Swagger shaving oil as it has a very light aroma which makes up of 100% natural ingredients. 

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Another thing to look out is the essential oils in the shaving oil like cedarwood, Lemon, Sandalwood, Lime, Vetyver or Peppermint. Always stay away from synthetic dyes or any petrochemical ingredients in the shaving oil like mineral oil, paraffin or petroleum because it can irritate your skin, chokes the pores and can cause allergies. 

  • Ease of use – You should always select the shaving oil, which is easy to apply with the shaving brush or by the hand. It should work with hard water as well as with soft water.
  • Reviews – This is the only genuine source with which you can get the real information of the shaving oil or cream. Though it may not be very accurate, at least you get an idea of how well the shaving oil will perform. You can read the reviews of any product available online. Good review shaving oil could be of Swagger, not only locally but at the international market. 

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  • Performance – The performance of the shaving oil is dependent on the lubrication and lather. The best men’s shaving oil will always have a perfect balance of the two. These two factors will give your face the protection and hydration whenever you shave.
  • Cost – It is fine to shred a little bit of extra money to purchase a good quality shaving oil but always make sure to keep men’s grooming budget within your reach.
  • Smell – Some men like a stronger smell and some like lighter smell but always make sure to buy shaving oil which has organic scents in it. Also if you have sensitive skin, it’s better to go with the light scented shaving oil or cream.
  • After the shave – After the shave performance depends upon the moisturizing effect produced by the shaving oil. Excellent shaving cream will always leave your skin hydrated, and it’s imperative if you have dry skin.

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