How to apply hair gel for men

There are various Men products for fashion and style available in the market, but hair gel for men is one of the oldest men’s hair products. It uses to create various style of hairs right from simple hairstyle to spike ones. However, it recommends that one should choose a hair gel according to the style he is making. For example, if you are making spikes on your hairs, you should select a strong hair gel, and if you are making a simple hairstyle, you should choose a soft hair gel. A good brand hair gel-like Swagger Malaysia gives a choice for both of these types of hair gel. Also, it is very trending in Malaysia as they use all-natural products to make the hair gel for men.

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Most of the men use hair gels, especially when they go out for partying or attending any formal meetings, but very few know to apply hair gel correctly. Here we will see how will apply hair gel so that it gives out the best result.

Select the perfect hair gel: Choosing an ideal hair gel for making your hairstyle is a difficult task. Hair gels generally differ on the parameters of its thickness and the holding power. The fragrance and colour of the hair gel don’t matter much in how they work. Most of the hair gels are applied by either using a fingertip or by using a comb. However, some hair gels, which mostly come in a spray form, do not require fingers or comb. So, based on your hairstyle, we categorize hair gels into the following three types:

  • Light-hold hair gel: This type of gel use when you opt for a messy and playful look as you will have some bounce and movement in your hairs.
  • Medium-hold hair gel: This type of hair gel usually use when you go for the shiny spikes look as it will have an anti-gravity effect on it.
  • Strong-hold hair gel: This type of hair gel is usually very thick, and it provides extra hold to your hairs. You can’t even run your fingers across your hairs as it becomes too hard. Often a spray hair gel is considered to be a strong hair gel, and the best preferable hair spray is from the brand Swagger.

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Wash your hairs: The second step is to wash your hairs thoroughly with a good shampoo as clean hair gets gelled up with the hair gel very conveniently. Use shampoo and conditioner usually and after that use a clean towel to dry it until damp. Your hairs must be a little bit wet when you are going to apply the hair gel, so don’t dry it thoroughly. If you don’t have much time dampen your hairs with the water.

If you apply hair gel for men on greasy or dirty hairs, then it will be less effective, and also it will give you a crunchier look. It can also lead to split hairs and poor hair health in the long run, so its best to have a hair wash before applying hair gel.

Please take out the hair gel: Put a small amount of hair gel on your palm and rub your hands together till it becomes warm. Now, evenly apply the hair gel into your hairs as you shampoo it. Depending upon how long and thick your hairs are you should use the appropriate amount of shampoo and spread it evenly. Do not take too much in a one go as its hard to get hair gel out of your hairs; however, you can add more hair gel if it is less in quantity.

  • For short hairs use dime- size amount of hair gel.
  • For medium hairs use quarter- size amount of hair gel.
  • For long hairs use two or more quarter size amount of hair gel.

If you want an effective hair gel always prefer a good brand hair gel-like of Swagger as little amount of this particular gel gives you extraordinary results.

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Apply the gel: Now, you should apply the gel according to the hairstyle you want. Generally, you should start applying the hair gel above your hairline, and then you can apply it to the crown of your head. It recommends using fingertips to apply the hair gel; however, you can use a comb for the better and neat look.

  • For the straight hairstyle, use a brush to shape your hairs to the desired style.
  • For curly hairs use fingers to twist your strands for the hairstyle.

Complete your hairstyle: Most of the men’s hair products like hair gel contains alcohol that why they get dried up quickly and if it doesn’t contain alcohol then wait for a moment for the gel to get dry. You can make your hairstyle when the gel is dry; however, once the gel dries up, it becomes firm. When your desired hairstyle is ready, you prepare to rock.

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