Hairstyles by using hair gel for men

Hair gel for men is one of the typical men’s hair products, and it is in fashion for a very long time. To use hair gel as a men products and style your hairs, you should always wash your hairs with fresh water first. Then, you can dry your hair with the towel and should leave it slightly moist so that the gel holds it better.

How much gel should you use? For standard size hairs take a peanut amount of gel and rub it with the palms till it gets slightly warm and finally apply on the strands. Make sure that hair gel for men should get evenly distributed. For a good quality hair gel, you can go for Swagger hair gel as it is all-natural and organic and suits your hair thoroughly.

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Now start to make a style of your hair, and for this, you can either use a comb, or you can style it with your hands. Like, for spike style you have to use your hand, and for the slick hairstyle, you have to use the comb. Here we will discuss more on the type of hairstyle you can choose and make.

Messy or Informal hairstyle: A soft hair gel can use to create a messy yet-sophisticated hairstyle. It can create for the times when you want to look casual, and you don’t have enough time to style your hairs.

  • To create informal look spread the gel evenly on your hairs with your fingers and move strands in different directions.
  • It is better to go for a lighter gel-like of Swagger, as it will nourish your hairs also, and suited hair type will be medium length hairs with a medium thickness.

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Simple hairstyle: If you don’t want to spend much time in styling your hairs, you can go for the natural hair styling. You can part it along the natural line of the strands, and this styling is beneficial because it can regain by simply combing it.

  • Take peanut size of the hair gel on your palm style it with the fingers, pulling it down from the parting in the opposite direction.
  • To make it neater, take a damped comb and then comb the hairs usually from the parting.
  • This type of hairstyle looks best when your hairs are thin and of short length.

Classic slicked-back hairstyle: This type of hairstyle is sophisticated, classy and straightforward, and it looks best for a formal gathering or special occasion. A right amount of gel is required to have slicked- back hairstyle, and also you will need a fine-tooth comb.

  • Spread the gel on your hairs and sweep it from the forehead towards the back without parting it. Use a wet comb to comb your hairs and also remember to do it flatly and neatly.
  • This type of hairstyle looks best with the hairs of moderate thickness and medium-longish in nature.

Spikes Hairstyle: This type of hairstyle is for the person who wants to look like a rockstar, and it can achieve if you use a hard gel. This hairstyle looks very casual, but it can be fun and cool to try this.

  • Take a dollop amount of gel on your fingertip and apply it upwards, pulling your hairs away from the head. You have to pinch it by your fingers then to create spikes. For lesser spikes, you can do this only at the front portion of the hairs.
  • Now wait for a moment to dry your hairs and then take a small amount of gel on your fingers and high light your hairs with it.
  • Spike hairstyle looks best when you have medium length hairs and of moderate thickness. If your hairs are long, then you need to use different men products called hair spray, to set it. A good hair spray could be of Swagger Malaysia as it has a firm hold and 100% natural.

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Pompadour hairstyle: This type of hairstyle gives you a classic look, and mostly old rockstars like Elvis Presley use to keep this. It is challenging to make this hairstyle. However, it is the combination of the hairstyles discussed before. 

  • Take the optimum amount of hair gel for men on your hands and apply on your hairs to make a messed-up look (Combination of casual and spikes hairstyle). Now, take a wet medium-tooth comb and comb it along the sides of your hairs.
  • For formal pompadour hairstyle, you can go for a neat natural parting and then do the straight backcombing action on both the sides of the parting. You may use your fingers to make your front tips of hairs high.
  • This hairstyle works best when you have long hairs at the centre of your head and very short hairs at sides.

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