How to Use a Men’s Shower Gel

Men’s shower gel is an essential part of skin care products for men, and it also comes under basic hygiene. However, most of the men use soap instead of men’s shower gel, which is slippery. As it comes in the liquid form, shower gel is more convenient to apply and wash your body. Also, since shower gel forms quickly foam, it is very efficient in cleaning the body, without causing any damage to the skin. Like soap bars, various shower gel also has different formulations. For example, SLS is a compound which finds in many shower gel, but it makes your skin dry and irritable. Hence those who have sensitive or dry skin shouldn’t use the shower gel which contains SLS as it will act as harmful skin care for men product. Instead, you can go for natural and organic shower gel made by Swagger. It has ten times more fragrance than a regular shower gel available in the market.

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Step by step guide for using a Men’s Shower gel.

We have seen the benefits of a shower gel over soap now we will learn how to use men’s shower gel step by step.

Step1.Put on the shower:

You can choose any temperature with which you are comfortable but remember hot water may damage your skin and it also makes your skin dry. You can go for cool or lukewarm water. Once you have decided the temperature of the water, you can step into the shower.

Step2.Pour shower gel on sponge:

Take out about a half teaspoon of shower gel onto the washcloth or sponge. We will give more insights about what kind of washcloths or sponges can you use in the next article.

Step3.Lather the soap:

Now massage and squish the washcloth till you notice the lather and foam. You have to perform this for a moment and keep in mind that few organic and natural shower gels do not give much lather like an inorganic shower gel.

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Step4.Scrub yourself:

Scrub your body and do not scrub it too hard, especially if you are using anything rough like a loofah or a men’s shower gel with granules.  Instead, gently give massage to your body by sponge-like you do with the bar of soap.

Step5.Rinse the soap:

After you scrubbed your body, you can now rinse the soap off from your body. Turn on your shower and rinse thoroughly. Raise your leg or arm and rub water on your skin to get off the soap from your body.

Step6.Step out and dry:

Come out of the shower and make your skin dry with the help of the towel. Instead of rubbing your skin hard with the towel, it’s better to pat it lightly. If you have dry skin, then leave your body slightly damp, so that it absorbs moisture.

Step7.Apply moisturizer:

Once you have dried your body apply a moisturizer on your skin. A moisturizer will keep your skin moist, healthy and soft. You can use a Swagger moisturizer as it is an excellent cream which not only moisturizes your skin but can also apply for other purposes. I will act as a single cream and gives you complete skin care for men.

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Guide to choosing the sponge.

Men’s shower gel usually comes in a liquid form; hence you have to select something to apply the shower gel. In this context, we will discuss the various things which can use to apply the shower gel on the skin.

  1. Sponge: Sponges produce a decent amount of lather, and it depends upon how porous they are. There are mainly two types of sponges you can use, namely natural sea sponges and synthetic sponges. Synthetic sponges make up of plastic, and they are softer than the natural sponges. On the other hand, Sea sponges are natural and usually brown. A sea sponge contains natural enzymes, and they prevent mildew, bacteria and mould from growing on the skin.
  2. Loofah: Like Sponges Loofah also comes in synthetic form as well as in a natural way. Both types are suitable for washing the skin thoroughly. However, Loofah made from synthetic is gentler on the skin than Loofah in natural form. Loofah comes in various colours, and synthetic loofas make up from plastic, and natural ones make up from bamboo. Both types are great for producing lather.
  3. Wash clothes: Bath mitts or wash clothes is not only use to apply shower gel, but it uses to apply moisturizer also. They don’t produce much lather as compared to Loofah or sponges, but they have the least barrier between your skin and hand. Wash clothes are a small square piece of towel, and one can make any towel as washcloths. Bath mitts are the small clothes which fit on the hands easily. They have cloth on one side and Loofah on the other side.

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