How to Buy a Toner for Men for Different Skin Type

Skin care products for men are essential for the guys who love being himself, and Toner for men is one of that product required for men face care. Earlier Toner was a make-up product for women only however now more and more men started using it as they understand the meaning of self-care. A toner, also called clarifier, freshener or astringent is a face care product which uses to refresh, smooth, clean, moisturize and control oil the face. A skin Toner use after you wash your face with face wash but before applying make-up or moisturizer. It recommends that you should use a toner after you identify your skin type. But, avoid using Toner for men which contains strong chemicals or fragrance as it may irritate your skin. You may go for a well-branded toner called Swagger as it contains natural extracts of Papaya and grapefruit. Apart from Toner, it can also use as lotion and essence for your face.

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How to detect your skin type and choose the Toner

Typically men have four categories of skin type, but usually, they don’t have any idea which skin type they have. If you want to choose a perfect skin care products for men, like Toner, then you should know your skin type. Here we will discuss all the categories of skin type one by one.

Dry skin: To determine if you have dry skin, then your skin generally has small pores, dull/rough complexion and feeling of tightness on your face. Secondly, In Winters, the person who has dry skin will become more dry and flaky. Men who have this type of skin are prone to peeling, cracking, dry patches, irritation and itchiness. 

So, if you have dry skin, you may select a toner for men that are hydrating and have moisturizer in it. You can go for a toner from Swagger Malaysia as it is a 3 in 1 toner which means along with the Toner it will act as a lotion and essence oil. Apart from Swagger, you can also go for the Toner which has glycol lipids, rose seeds oil, jojoba oil, peptides, glycolic acid and dimethicone. Kindly avoid using a toner which contains ethanol, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, ammonium lauryl sulphate, and mineral oil.

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Oily skin: To check if you have oily skin, you will have enlarged face pores, and your skin will look shinier due to excess oil on your skin. Also, if you wipe your skin with tissue paper, there will be dirt along with the oil on it. Oily skin can also develop blackhead on your nose, especially. To remove blackheads from your nose, you can go for Deep cleansing nose strip by Swagger as it is advantageous in eliminating blackheads.

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For oily skin, you may buy a refreshing toner and which are gentle on the skin. Do not use toners which contain a lot of alcohol by-products. These types of toners will make your skin dry, which will cause your skin to produce more oil. Use a toner which has oil-free products like Sodium PCA, Sodium hyaluronate and AHA.

Combination skin: If you have combination skin, then it will be more complicated to detect it because you will have both dry or oily or normal skin. In combination skin, you will have more oil and larger pores on the T zone area of your face which consists of your chin, nose and forehead. And, on the other hand, the remaining areas of you face, like your sides of face and cheeks, will have less oil and small pores.

For combination skin type, you have to buy two different types of toners, one for winters and one for summers. For summers, you can use a refreshing toner, and for winters you can go for hydrating toners so that your skin remains full of moisture. 

Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, then you develop allergy or sensitivity if you use certain products on your face. Sensitive skin gets easily irritated by being touched, certain beauty products, hot water, spicy food, alcohol consumption, etc. Due to irritation, your skin can have itching, redness and burning sensation.

Sensitive skin requires a gentle toner which is free of fragrance for men face care. You can use a toner which has sea whips, tea extracts, beta-glucans and glycerine and avoid using toners which has synthetic ingredients, alcohol and artificial fragrance. The best is picking a toner which is organic and has natural ingredients in it. For example, you can go for the Toner from Swagger as it has natural extracts of Papaya and grapefruit. 

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