How to Choose a Men’s Shower Gel

Amongst various skin care products for men, men’s shower gel is the most essential and necessary product. Using shower gel keeps you fresh and clean. Also, it gives your skin a light aroma. It’s a happy moment when you get clean in such an easy and fun way. There are various types of men’s shower gel, and each one has different benefits, drawbacks, aroma and qualities. Some may be not suitable for your skin; some may be a perfect match for your skin. To choose the best men’s shower gel, one can go for Swagger brand, which has ten times more fragrance than any regular shower gel in the market, which gives you long-lasting aroma. Here we will see how to select the perfect shower gel for you.

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How to Choose a Shower Gel

Select the aroma that suits you: Taking a shower is an activity to relax and feel refreshed, and using a strongly scented shower gel like Swagger shower gel is a great way to start your day. How your shower gel smells make your experience pleasant. Here are some tips to give attention:

  • Do you love a refreshing fragrance? Buy the shower gels with orange, lemon or citrus fruit like smell. You can also go for the shower gel with mint or cucumber.
  • Are you crazy about relaxing fragrance? Look for the shower gel with lavender, rose or chamomile smell.
  • Do you love the sweet smell? You can go for Vanilla and cocoa smell. Some shower gel with fruity aromas such as passion fruit and strawberry also gives you sweet smell.
  • Do you love the masculine smell? You can go for various masculine and strong fragrance shower gel by Swagger. They have a fragrance like woody, jasmine, rose, musk, etc.

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Know your skin type: Different type of skin needs a different kind of skin care for men; thus, you should buy a shower gel that suits the need of your skin. You can also go for a body wash which is thinner than the shower gel. Below is the detailed discussion:

  • For dry skin use a shower gel which has a moisturizer in it and try to avoid strongly scented body wash.  You can see the bottle of the shower gel as most of it mentions that it contains moisturizer or not.
  • For normal skin, you can use any shower gel but kindly note that shower gel for dry skin gives you extra moisture while those made for oily skin will dry your skin.
  • For oily skin go for the shower gel which has to clarify properties or the ones which mainly designs for the oily skin.

Know your allergy and skin sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a shower gel. There are many aspects of skin sensitivity and allergic reactions, and it may include certain chemicals and fragrance when buying shower gel consider something which makes up of organic or natural ingredients.

Try to buy a multipurpose shower gel: Sometimes a shower gel is made such a way that it can use for 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 purpose, for example, it can clean your body and your hairs as well. It acts like skin care for men product as well as a hair care product. Swagger is an excellent example of such a shower gel called “Swagger Snapper double kill”. It can use both as a shower gel and a shampoo which ultimately saves your money and time to buy shampoo also. Here are more ideas to it:

  • Please do not use a men’s shower gel for washing your hairs unless it particularly mentions on the bottle that it can use for hairs also. The ingredients of which shower gel make up of can be too drying for your hairs.
  • The shower gel can use for shaving, but it not always recommend because shower cant softens your beard as the shaving creams do.

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Choose a shower gel with granules: Few shower gels have granules of various organic ingredients such as crushed almonds, fruit seeds, shells, sea salt, sugar, etc. These granules act as a scrub, and they wash away your dead skin, feeling your skin supple and soft. 

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