Essential Men Face Care Products

According to many researchers in the world, most of the guys are not interested in men products for face. According to a recent study by the NDP Group, a research company, only 25% of men use men face care products regularly. Majority of guys splash water on their face, and they shave. However, men should follow a regular face care regime, mainly if they are 20-40 years of age bracket. If you are serious about men grooming products for the face then here we will go through five essential men face care products also we will see the best products in each category.

1 Men Face cleanser- If you are using a soap to wash your face, then you should stop using it because soap not only make your skin dry but it also develops various skin issues like premature wrinkles and lines on your face. Most dermatologists say that a good quality face wash like Swagger one should use. It is necessary to apply face cleanser than soap because face wash doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like soap and also face wash is more efficient to remove dirt from the face as compared to soaps. There are many men face wash in the market; however, one with natural ingredients is the best. Swagger face wash for men is perfect for the weather in Malaysia as it contains apricot seeds extract.

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2. Men Face Moisturizer-Moisturizer is the other necessary men product for face, especially for hot weather like in Malaysia. However, not all moisturizer are the same as most of them contains a lot of chemicals in it, causing your skin damage. So what to look for in moisturizer for men? Look for the men moisturizer that isn’t fill with lots of chemical ingredients also it is better to go for a moisturizer which has multipurpose use. For example, one can go for Swagger multipurpose cream. Along with moisturizing your face, Swagger cream will also protect you from ultraviolet rays of the sun as it has SPF 50+ grading. Not only this, but it also helps you in diminishing your face pores and discolouration of your skin.

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3. Men Toners- Toners, as men face care product, balances the oil levels on your face, and if someone has acne or oily skin, you should use it regularly. Specially in a country like Malaysia, where the weather is very humid and hot; thus, most of the men have oily skin. A toner is a perfect men product which not only reduces oil on your face, but it also optimizes the PH value of it. Toners made up of light acids, and it also uses to moisturizes your skin.

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4. Men Nose pores remover- Nose pores widening is a widespread problem in men as they do not care much about their face. Pores are the openings of hair follicles on the front of the nose and, is required so that sweats and oil from the body gush out. The pores on the nose are generally more prominent as compared to the rest of the facial skin that’s why one can notice it very quickly. It becomes more significant due to variety of factors like exposure to the sun, increasing age, a side effect of skincare product, etc. Men quickly develop blackheads due to the enlarged pores, and that’s why blackhead removal is essential for them. To overcome this problem, one should wash his face regularly twice a day and use a nose strip. Slowly and steadily, your blackheads or enlarged nose pores will remove.

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5. Men Facial mask- There was a time when it was a myth that facial masks are for women grooming, but now the time is changed, facial masks have become important men’s grooming products online. Face masks have a variety of benefits like clearing the wrinkles on the face, removing dirt from the face, giving the face a glow, etc. It suggests that men face masks should use two times a week, preferably during day time, and it should note that the facial masks containing natural ingredients are the best ones. One can go for Swagger facial mask, which contains tea tree leaf oil and is perfectly natural.

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