What to look for when buying face wash for men

Face cleanser for men is essential as your facial skin exposes to dirt, bacteria and allergens all day. Therefore regular face wash for men is needed to keep your face beautiful and allergy-free. The characteristics of the best face wash for men is that it removes oil, dirt, grime from your skin also it keeps your skin hydrated all the time. Also, face cleanser for men clears the pores of the skin, and it also doesn’t allow dirt to accumulate. Hence, choosing a good face wash is paramount. Let’s have a look at how to choose the best face cleanser for men.

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  1. Know your skin type- Men face wash is different for various kind of skin, and it is essential to know what kind of skin you have before choosing your face wash. If you don’t accept the right face wash, then you may have skin problems like oiliness, irritation and dryness.

So if you have healthy skin, then it is a perfect mixture of moisture and oil. Oily skin turns greasy if you do not wash it, and dry skin is free of oil and moisture. If you have mix skin, it will be a combination of oily and dry.

  • For dry skin, excellent moisturizer based face cleanser– If you have dry skin, then select face wash which has fruit nutrients and natural oils as their ingredients like coconut and lavender. These natural ingredients will not only moisturize your skin, but it will also make your skin supple and smooth.
  • Avoid harsh face wash- Do not use a face wash which is sharp and soap-based as they have chemical characteristics. They may give you a glow for a short time, but in the long run, they are harmful to your skin. Swagger in Malaysia is a very famous brand, and they have quality products as well.
  • Use fragrance-free face cleanser if you have sensitive skin- If you have sensitive skin then try not to use a face wash which has fragrance as a face wash with fragrance have chemicals which can irritate your skin.

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  • Ask the salon person and read the online review for recommendations- Asking the salon person for recommending face wash is a good idea as they are very experienced and have good knowledge about men face wash. Alternatively, you can go for the face wash reviews on the reputed websites and blogs. You can compare different types of men face wash there.
  • Add toner to clean your skin- After using a face wash, you can use a toner to wash your face as it closes the pores of the skin. If you have dry skin, then apply toner which contains alcohol like stearyl or cetyl, as they are nourishing and mild.
  • Optimize your cleansing time- Do not wash your face very frequently as washing is too often can make your skin sensitive or dry. On the other hand, if you don’t wash your face with face wash, it will look dull and glow will also remove gradually.
  • Maintain “Face diary”- Try to maintain a note for which face wash you have used and for how long you have used and then decide its Pros and Cons. It will give you an idea that which face cleanser is perfect for you.
  • Do not use sulphate based face wash- Whatever your skin type, maybe you shouldn’t use sulphate based face wash. Sulphate is the synthetic detergents which use to make a lather, and it also opens the pores of the face, and your face skin becomes prone to acne.

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  1. Select a skin problem-specific face wash- In the market, you will see that almost all the face wash for men are issue-specific like “anti-acne face wash” or “oil balancing face cleanser”. So if you are selecting men to face wash that handles a specific skin problem, then make sure it also suits your skin.
  2. Test the Face wash- A face wash that doesn’t suit your face skin can cause an allergy, so it is better to buy men face wash in smaller tubes and test it for a week or two. Then if you are satisfied with the results of the face wash go for the larger packs.

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Finally, every person has a different type of skin and has different kinds of allergies with various ingredients of a men face wash. Choose men to face cleanser that suits your skin and the weather of Malaysia.  A good brand could be Swagger to select from as they have all types of face wash which suits all kinds of skin type.

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