Essential men’s hair products for hairstyling

When someone talks about men’s grooming, then men’s hairs or men’s hair products play a vital role in his personality. Once you have got a hair cut from a good hairstylist, then maintaining the styling of the hairs becomes a challenge. Your hairs look best after the haircut; however, how will it look good after that? Here we will see essentials which require for hair grooming for men.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Before hair styling for men begins the essentials to keep your hair looking good is shampoo and conditioner. One should use a shampoo that is perfect for your hair type that is oily, dry or normal. If you have dandruff, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Each time you use shampoo, you have to follow up with the conditioner. The shampoo used to clean your hairs while the conditioner uses to nourish it, keeping it soft and shiny. It recommends that you should use a good brand shampoo and conditioner like Swagger as it makes up of totally natural ingredients and it is trendy in Malaysia.

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After the basics of hairstyling come core hair styling products for men and Pomade plays a vital role in it which use to make high-shine hairstyle, and it has a rigorous hold. Pomade is a thick and viscous product which use for creating various hairstyles without making it sticky or slim. It can be of two types: water-based or oil-based. Oil-based Pomade gives supreme hold to the hairs, and you require many shampoos to wash it while water-based pomades are lighter and it can remove easily.

Pomade makes your hair manageable as you want it is not readily available in the markets of Malaysia or on the internet however you can go for a brand called Swagger which has a high-quality pomade readily available online.

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Styling cream

Hair cream for men orserum for men are used to add extra shine to the hairs with less hold, and they are best if you have coarse or thick strands. It closely resembles with hair serum so if you don’t wash your hairs for a day or two and want that your hairs look shiny and soft you should go for hair styling cream.


Hair gel for men is yet another essential hair styling product for men. It is a jelly-like substance which use to hold and give a style to men hair. It is the most popular hair styling product for men available in the market. One should use a gel which contains natural ingredients and also gentle on hairs. One can go for the Swagger gel, which has a perfect combination of styling and holding the hairs. 

If you want to give a wet look to the hairs, you should apply gel when your strands are damp. On the other hand, if you want that your hairs look more natural and less styled apply the gel on the dry hairs. Do not use it to your scalp, please.

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Wax for men is a hair styling product which is between a gel and Pomade. Hair wax gives better hold than gel, and it washes out easily than Pomade. Sometimes it is called clay or paste also, and it makes up from animal or plant-derived wax. It is thick and required for hair styling while adding texture to the hairs. Wax for men hairs is adaptable, and it doesn’t make your hair stiff.

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Hair spray for men is a standard hair styling product for men which use to protect your hairs from humidity and wind. So if you have long hairs and it isn’t easy to maintain, then you may use hair spray as it adds volume to your strands. Medium hold hair spray is the best type of spray because you can manipulate your hairstyle the way you want keeping your hair natural shine.

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So these are the essentials that require for styling your hairs. Choose the products according to your hair type and the weather of the place in Malaysia. It is always better to go for the products which use the right quality ingredients in their products like Swagger.

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