Man, do you prefer to buy male grooming products online?

According to a survey from WSL Strategic Retail, they found the personal shopping habits of man is they like to have a pre-shop by seeking out reviews online and look out on Facebook before they decide to buy the man grooming products.

Spouse and partner are the most influential influencers on men’s personal care purchase for the older man while for the youngster, they are more often influenced by their friends and co-worker.

Although spouses and partners may provide suggestions or advice for man but man would tend to buy men grooming products for themselves. Haircare product such as hair pomades and hair wax are the excellent selling product among the other man products. These findings sound like men tend to take hairstyling more seriously than other body parts.

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Another surprising find out from research is men will even go through the information from the mobile device while shopping in the store for man grooming products. They commit a lot for the consultation on their mobile phone as part of their decision making. Besides that, men favor mobile shopping sites and apps that will save them time and cost if they decide to buy it online.

This study might need to lead you to men’s brain as men are predominantly using the left side of their brain which in charge of performing logic computations and processing facts. So, it would come out women enjoy the process of the shopping hunt but men prefer a quick and efficient shop with facts and data for reference. If you are one of the women who always detect your husband’s impatience while you are slowly browsing the products, you know the theory now and hope it could minimize the argument among you and your husband!

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NBD group, the market research company, found the samples and trial size products could be useful for male skincare users on deciding to use which kind of skincare products. Men are more serious about their skincare approach compared to women.

According to a 2018 study by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, 73% of Malaysian shoppers shop online for better prices, 84.3% of them shop online for the convenience while 54.8 % shop online for the product variety.

Men are more inclined to make a substantial impulse purchase rather than bargain hunt like women. They are fast on the action and shop more urgency but some of them will act prudently before they decide to purchase. Does it sound like you? 

Men agree that higher prices could lead to a higher quality of the products. They analyze the product feature and price to ensure which one product provides the all-in-one solution with a higher price or a certain solution only at a lower price. Swagger products come with a lot of function such as Swagger All-In-One Lotion Face Optimizer and Swagger Cleansing Foam Face Fighter for all skin types. All the products of Swagger are specifically designed for men’s situation and skin type. Swagger is not just providing the valued products but the brand-worthiness of series of product as well. You shouldn’t miss out Swagger as Swagger is the first generation of men’s lifestyle brand launched and create the brand consciousness among the Asian country. Swagger is the brand that works for men and deserved for you to stick with it in your man lifestyle.

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Why apply man grooming products could have become a great confidence cornerstone for you?  As a man, you may realize that body odor could be your most significant concern, especially when you are frequently going out for outdoor activities. By using fragrance, it could minimize your embarrassment and go natural for your working life or even social life after work. Due to you have a higher hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body, which makes you as a man, but it could leave your skin oily and greasy and that’s why the facial cleansing specializes for man is created. 

For men, what they want is the right product that works for them and excellent customer services mean helping them find the right item and helping them get through checkout quickly. If you are the male that’s looking for the best man product that suits you, we represent Swagger Malaysia, is here ready for you to help you get the right product straight. We give what you want and welcome you to become one of our “Swagger” members. We ensure the product displayed appears directly to you and similar with what you are searching as we know this is the effortless shopping that you hope for.

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