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Hair spray

Sprays for man can give hair a messy texture without weighing it down too much. They can also lock a style in place with a distant spray. However, do you know the proper way to use hairspray for your hair type, let’s explore below:

Applying hair spray super-close will saturating your hair and achieving the greasy look of your hair instead of the shine that you look for. Besides that, it could result in hardening so make sure you maintain at least six inches away from your head for optimum hold.

The second tip is use hairspray to add volume if you have lesser hair. Hair spray was a go-to product for so many men who wanted to achieve incredible hair height to balance your face shape.  You might need a volume-boosting hairspray, like the Swagger Hair Setter Spray, in between the layers of your hair when you’re sealing in your look. With a comb or your fingers to part each layer, then add one more spritz or two and you would have a “wow-ing” hair look at all.

This hair spray for man could act as a great tool for hair setting. The malleable hold this spray offers takes my styling to the next level while leaving the hair touchable.

Pro: Doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy, Works on all hair types

Note: Lightly spray each individual curl if you have curly hair to avoid them stick together.



Hair wax

Its functions are similar to hair gel but due to the waxy nature, this styling aid does stiffen hair and will remain the structured hair look all through the day. Hair wax could act as conditioning at the same time, gives the hair structure, enhances the volume and provides texture.

Wax provides a better hold, thus making it perfect for hairstyles like spikes, in which the hair stands on the head. If you have thick straight or wavy hair, hair wax is ideal for it and about a pea-sized amount of wax is enough for medium-length hair. The good news is wax doesn’t leave your hair looking shiny or wet throughout the day.

You can apply wax to wet and dry hair to make the hairstyle you desire. Applying wax to wet hair will create a wet-look style and it will make the finish shinier. Applying men’s hair wax, especially Swagger Hair Stunner Wax – Creamy & Soft to dry hair will give a firmer hold with a matte finish.

You could use a blow-dryer to finish your hair wax styling routine to provide volume for your fine hair. If you want to create a structured and styled curl, apply the wax into the ends of your hair.

Pro:  Provides a high hold and shine, Natural ingredients help keep your hair healthy and well-nourished.

Note: You must wash your hair with shampoo to get rid of the hair wax.




Pomade often become grooming products for hair part as they have holding power, smell fantastic and last all day. Pomade could be classified as oil-based and water-based.

Oil-based pomades offer a lot of malleabilities. It won’t dry like water-based after you applied it in your hair and that means that it will create a more wet look. The good news is it can be reworked throughout the day.

Water-based pomades fix the hair without the greasiness. They also wash out easily with water and no special soap and shampoo needed. Use a pomade product from a trusted, reputable hair care company that knows the difference between the several hair products.

Suitable hair: Straight hair, Kinky hair, Wavy hair, Curly hair, Short hair, Thick hair

Their expertise on this could be proven through the existing different man hair products in the product catalog. Our brand, Swagger makes very suitable pomade which is Swagger Hair Slammer Pomade and recognized by domestic and foreign customers. It’s made in Korea and Swagger aims to make this hair product become the excellent brand across the board.

This pomade has an incredibly strong hold but is smooth to apply. With certified USDA, its organic ingredients not just help you to restyle your hair but give your hair the nourishment needed.

Pro: Provides a healthy & vibrant shine, Made with organic and natural ingredients

Note: A bit of heat can add extra volume and extra hold.




Styling cream

Styling cream, also known as hair cream, they are thick creams that work for all hair types and it adds a natural-looking shine to hair. Just like our body, our hair needs nourishment too. It is a type of hair styling product while nourishing your hair. Styling cream works best on dry hair.

Hair cream for man is for casual looks and suitable for those who aim for hair that moves easily or lighter hairstyles. Styling cream gives your hair feel smoother to toucher and softer hold to reach a natural hold tone.

Thin or fine hair made your hair look less volumized? Cream is the way to go for most hair types and works magic on curls or waves hair such as Swagger Hair Twister Protein Curl Cream. Hit the cream to add texture and volume at the same time to restore softness and create more manageability of hairstyling.

First, start with a fingertip amount and go for it only if you need more. Rub it between your hands to have easier to apply that way.

With a lighter hold, the look is natural tone and it features a low shine. The texture is creamy, smooth and applies effortlessly through the hair. You should have it if you want to tame your curly hair and wavy hair with lightweight texture as this is the hair cream for men’s curly hair.

Pro: Consistent hold

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